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The Effect Of Temperature When Cleaning Exterior Windows

Cleaning exterior windows is definitely a chore, but one that we here at Toronto Window Cleaners take great pride in! That being said, we also understand the importance of considering the weather, particularly when it comes to major temperature fluctuations. When it’s too hot or cold, our experienced professionals must stick to a different set of rules in order to get the job done well, while keeping safe at the same time.

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Is It Safe To Wash Your Own Windows?

We all know that washing the windows in your home is a necessary thing from time to time, but there’s a difference between doing the job yourself, and having a professional take on the responsibility. While cleaning most interior windows is a pretty straightforward affair, the same can’t be said of outside.

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How To Get Rid Of Mold On Your Windows

Mold is no joke, and is considered quite dangerous when it manages to grow inside of a home. The longer mold is dealt with, the greater it can grow, which can eventually make its way into air filtration systems, depositing it around the house where it can be inhaled.

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Easy And Reliable Ways To Clean Your Windows In 2023

Cleaning windows is a common household chore, but many view it with a sense of dread. After all, it’s hard to know what techniques to use to prevent streaking, reach higher windows, or properly utilize the right cleaning products. The answers are still remarkably reliable, even as we move into 2023, and require little more than a quick brushing up as we enter the new year.

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Fall Window Cleaning – Do You Need It?

Proper window cleaning is key to maintaining a good aesthetic, while also banishing harmful elements such as dirt buildup that can have detrimental effects on your property. As the fall season approaches, the leaves begin falling from the trees, and more dirt is whipped up via high winds.

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When You Should Clean Your Gutters – The Ultimate Guide

We at Toronto Window Cleaners understand the need to keep an eye on other key areas of your home besides your windows – particularly your eavestroughs/gutters. These devices do more than just redirect water away from your home. They actively protect your property in ways many people aren’t fully aware of, and keeping them clean is vital…

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How Often Should You Clean Your Eavestrough?

An eavestrough is an important part of any house or building, and its function goes far beyond what most people think. The essential purpose of an eavestrough is to direct water away from a building where it can be disposed of in a safe manner, so as not to damage the foundation.

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The Cost Of Window Cleaning In The Toronto Area

Toronto is a bustling mega-metropolis, and that means there’s a lot of glass to keep clean, especially when it comes to the downtown core and its high-rise buildings. Homeowners and businesses should consider the cost of window cleaning as a maintenance fee, and plan accordingly.

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Our Case Studies

The Ritz-Carlton

Toronto Window Cleaners utilized a chemical window cleaning solution to ensure that there were absolutely no streaks on any of the windows of the Ritz-Calton, Toronto. 

Tucker HiRise

Requiring four different types of access to the windows, Toronto Window Cleaners provided a solution that encompasses BMU, Rope Access, Bosun Chair, and an Aerial Boom Lift crew to get the job done within the initial timeline that was agreed upon.

Our Case Studies

Our Case Studies

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