How To Choose The Best Window Cleaning Company For Your Residential Home

Everyone wants a nice looking home, and we go to great lengths to make sure they’re spic and span, top to bottom on the inside. We’re just as meticulous about the outside aesthetics as well. After all, it’s where we hang our hats! Naturally, we’d want to show off a nice looking home, and project a sense of pride when it comes to cleanliness. What better way to keep things tidy than by hiring a professional window cleaning company, such as Toronto Window Cleaners. What exactly should you be looking for in such a company, however? The following is a quick guide to understand the criteria that makes up a great window cleaning company, and why you should invest in their services for your home.


A good window cleaning company has been around for a long time, and knows the ins and outs of the business. When it comes to cleaning houses, chances are they’ve seen it all, from elementary prefabs, to custom homes with unique layouts and design structures. Experience doesn’t just come in the form of window cleaning techniques, either. It also includes knowing how to utilize the right technologies to reach hard to access spots, or how to clean the surrounding property, including eavestroughs, driveway care, etc. 

Having the right training and licensing credentials is also absolutely vital, and should never be overlooked. Toronto Window Cleaners is proud to say that we are trained across the entire spectrum of the window cleaning services industry, including the use of all technologies and techniques requiring special licensing and adherence to safety guidelines. These include WSIB coverage, IRATA/SPRAT certification, working at heights, as well as liability insurance. 


Service-based industries such as window cleaning and house maintenance are based almost entirely on commitment to customer satisfaction and happiness. It isn’t enough to show up to a job, do the bare minimum, and then leave. The best window cleaning companies know how important it is to take pride in one’s work, and go far, far beyond the call of duty for their clients. Fostering a proactive approach to each project is an absolute must, and something Toronto Window Cleaners takes very seriously, right from the start. Our consultation and setup process is designed to start you off on the right foot, before we set foot on your property. We clean tracks, frames and ledges to the point of 100% customer satisfaction, each and every time, even if it means returning to touch up any leftover spots in the unlikely event of an issue. 

The image you project represents your attitude and outlook on life, and that means professionalism needs to be a number one priority for anyone you hire to clean it. We wouldn’t want to be viewed in a negative light, even for an instant, and neither do you. As such, the right window cleaning company will do the job from the top to bottom without missing any details. In the unlikely event that something is missed, commitment dictates that we return promptly to rectify any and all complaints or concerns without question, and without missing a beat. 


Doing the job requires having access to the right equipment in order to walk onto your property, assess your house, and determine the most optimal method for cleaning your windows and/or maintaining your property. We take into account any hard-to-reach spots, and calculate the methods necessary to reach them, and turn them spic and span. As mentioned previously, this doesn’t just apply to our window cleaning services either. 

It also extends to maintenance services including frames, ledges, sills and eavestrough cleaning, among others. Doing the job correctly means having the right tools and equipment on hand to tackle anything that may arise. Toronto Window Cleaners utilizes ladders to accommodate any size, and in order to reach difficult spots, as well as environmentally friendly equipment and products in a responsible manner. This, combined with extensive experience and knowledge of the window cleaning industry will give the best window cleaning companies a leg up when it comes to delivering stellar service.


The best window cleaning companies realize that your day is probably a full one, and that means working around picking up the kids from soccer practice, dealing with overtime at the office, or navigating your R&R time.  That’s why it’s important for them to have flexibility when it comes to working with clients, in order to deliver optimal service. 

Flexibility also trickles down into negotiation and pricing, as well. The right window cleaning company will take steps to work with clients to determine a fair pricing structure, particularly when it comes to repeat business and seasonal property maintenance. After all, if you’re not satisfied with the price, then it’s impossible to move forward with the service. Toronto Window Cleaners takes this very side of the client relationship very seriously, and we’re happy to deliver the best service, for the right price.

The people you choose to clean your windows and work on your property should be hand-picked based on a good first impression, and a commitment to stellar quality. At Toronto Window Cleaners, we always love impressing our clients, and we believe it’s a privilege to be allowed to come onto their property, and do a great job! Contact us today so we can bring our enthusiasm, professionalism and stellar quality to your home!