There are some windows that are simply so far out of reach that you can’t clean them normally, at least not without risking your own personal safety. In those instances, clever thinking and some tried and tested solutions can play a big role.

At Toronto Window Cleaners, we recommend three individual solutions to people who need to clean those pesky windows, without putting themselves in danger at the same time. Read along to find out how you can turn a seemingly impossible task into an easy success.



When it comes to accessing hard-to-reach windows, the ladder is the first tool that most people break out. This is especially true for outdoor window cleaning. However, using a ladder either indoors or outdoors presents its own set of inherent risks, which is why people should be mindful before getting on one.

Ground stability is the first risk. When indoors, make sure the ladder is on a secure surface that won’t slip. It’s recommended to have someone else in the room to hold the ladder in place while you work, just in case. For outdoor work, the ground may be softer, but it may also be uneven, which means you run the risk of the ladder toppling over in any one direction. 

For higher, or trickier windows, it’s best to invest in some safety gear, including a helmet and gloves, just to avoid any potential injuries. Once in position, spray your windows down with soap or cleaning solution before using a squeegee to clean them up. Make sure not to leave any streaks. 

Always remember that safety is a number one priority while on a ladder, so if you’re not sure you can handle it, move on to the next three tips instead.



Depending on how dirty your window is, you may be able to use a hose to get the job done. Keep in mind that the pressure will need to be enough that the water will reach the window, but not high enough that it may damage the window, or break it outright.

Another solution is to use a water-fed pole that is specifically equipped for hard-to-reach windows. These typically come with several gadgets attached to spray the window down, and clean it efficiently, and can be a far more enhanced alternative to a simple water hose.

Always remember to use a water hose or pole only for specific purposes. If the window is heavily dirty, you’ll need to get up there and use some elbow grease to clean it to a shine, but these solutions are handy for minor dirt buildup, a fresh bird dropping, or other materials. 



Similar to the water-fed pole, an extended wiper does a similar task, but from the ground level. This is essentially an extension of your own arm, allowing you to reach on high and access those windows after dipping the wiper in a bucket of window cleaning solution. 

Extended wipers eliminate the need to get on a ladder, but they do have drawbacks, such as limited range, the unevenness of ground terrain, or the angle of the window itself. Don’t expect an extended wiper to solve all your problems, but it may be enough to handle certain tasks with ease. 



When things get too tough, we absolutely recommend giving the professionals a call, instead. At Toronto Window Cleaners, we understand the inherent risks associated with certain kinds of window cleaning jobs, and it’s always better to let the pros handle it, rather than put yourself in a situation where you may be in danger. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to assess any property, whether residential or commercial, and come up with a game plan to clean every single window to a sparkling shine, while you sit back and relax. We’ll come to your location, provide a competitive quote that you’re sure to love, and include a recommended cleaning schedule so that you can rest easy throughout the year. We even handle eavestrough and gutter cleaning for extra home protection, so you don’t have to put yourself at risk! Contact us today and let’s get started!