Cleaning exterior windows is definitely a chore, but one that we here at Toronto Window Cleaners take great pride in! That being said, we also understand the importance of considering the weather, particularly when it comes to major temperature fluctuations. When it’s too hot or cold, our experienced professionals must stick to a different set of rules in order to get the job done well, while keeping safe at the same time.

You might be asking yourself why extreme temperatures have such an effect on exterior window cleaning, but we’re here to answer that question. This will not only give you excellent insight into how our team handles each and every job we take on, but it will also provide some excellent pointers for you to adhere to if you decide to clean your exterior home windows, DIY-style!


Our team must take several factors into account when cleaning exterior windows during the hotter months of the year. That goes double if a major hot spell rolls in, at which point we need to plan ahead to make sure our team members are safe while performing their jobs. Being outside in the hot weather is one thing, but being next to large panes of glass, which can reflect sunlight outwards, is quite another. Heat stroke is definitely a concern, especially where direct exposure to sunlight is concerned. 

If possible, we will schedule window cleanings according to the position of the sun throughout the day. For instance, we may start at one side of a building that is not being hit with direct sunlight, and gradually work our way to the side during the afternoon. Other times, we may set up multiple appointments to clean the windows of a building in a more optimized schedule. 

We also must take into account the cleaning chemicals and compounds we use when extreme heat is a factor. Naturally, the hotter it is outside, the more difficult it is to keep windows wet, which means they may dry off before we have a chance to clean them properly and give them a wipedown. This, in turn, leads to streaking, which can complicate the process. If you are cleaning your exterior windows at home on a hot day, avoid vinegar-based cleaning solutions, as these can evaporate at a faster rate due to the weaker hydrogen bonds of vinegar. 


Colder temperatures offer their own unique set of challenges for our team, all of which must be taken into account not simply for the sake of a good job, but to prevent damages as well. For instance, when cleaning in subzero temperatures, we run the risk of chemical cleaning solutions freezing upon application.

Safety is also a concern, as our platforms can become slippery and unsafe, while harnesses and rope access methods can become either uncomfortable, or unsafe. Slipping on ice is always an issue of concern, as well, which means our team needs to be constantly aware of their surroundings. If necessary, we may reschedule the cleaning for another day. However, if the weather is chilly, yet manageable, we’ll simply insulate our team with the right apparel, complete with boots that offer excellent grip. 

If you’re thinking of cleaning your exterior windows when it’s frosty outside, make sure to stick to a few basic rules. First, never use hot water to clean cold windows, or you could end up expanding the glass, which will cause cracking. Never wash your windows in freezing temperatures, or you may find it’s a lot more trouble than your time and effort are worth. And finally, choose alcohol-based cleaning formulas like isopropyl, which has a far lower freezing point than conventional solutions. 


Depending on the situation, we may prescribe an exterior window cleaning as soon as possible, while taking temperature into account. For instance, we may advise our clients to hold off on a February window cleaning in favor of late March, when the weather is more manageable. Similarly, we advise our clients to schedule window cleanings in the fall, before the winter season hits. Spring and fall are definitely great times during the year to clean exterior windows, since both seasons offer far more nominal temperatures compared to the blazing hot summer and freezing cold winter.


If you’re cleaning the exterior windows around your home, you’re in a far better position to do it yourself, but it’s advisable to hire professionals. Not only will they give your windows a far more thorough cleaning, but they can also check for potential damages in the glass, or the surrounding seals, which can contribute to more problems for your home. Toronto Window Cleaners will do all this – and more – by offering eavestrough cleaning on the side, so that you can be sure your gutters are clean at all times, and devoid of any buildup that could cause costly damages to your home.

For high-rise jobs, you should always hire the pros. Toronto Window Cleaners has the training, professionalism, experience, and tools at the ready to do the job right, while minimizing risk of injury, or worse. It’s our job to do a thorough and complete job so that your building looks its best, and adds value to the exterior facade. Never attempt to clean a high-rise window on your own. 

If you’re in need of a home or corporate exterior window cleaning, Toronto Window Cleaners is on standby to assist. We’ll even come to your location, assess your property, and deliver a competitive quote that you’re sure to love as much as the fantastic job we do. Contact us today for more info!