Summer has arrived, and with it, the peak season for commercial window cleaning. If you’ve put off cleaning your office windows, now’s the time to take advantage, but you’ll need to be ready to tackle a few challenges.

Today we’re looking at a host of particular challenges that we here at Toronto Window Cleaners see on a routine basis, and we’re including some tips to overcome them. Doing so will give your company the edge it needs to maintain clean windows through the summer, as well as the entire year.

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It’s no surprise that summer is considered the peak season for window cleaning, due in large part to the warm weather, and an increase in outdoor activities. However, this also means that companies may have a bit of trouble securing a professional company to come out and do the job. To prevent this, Toronto Window Cleaners always recommends scheduling your window well in advance, or working directly with us to create a set-it-and-forget-it cleaning schedule that will keep you covered all year round.

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Summer heat and humidity can lead to increased water consumption, which may have a negative impact on your bill. While this can’t be avoided, it can be mitigated by having a professional team on site to take care of window cleaning at predetermined intervals.

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The summer climate may be nice, but it also comes with a lot of dirt, grime and other debris that can deposit on windows. Avoid skipping out on professional window cleaning services, as they can help reduce the amount of dirt and grime that can accumulate, making for faster, easier cleaning jobs that help prevent damages to windows and seals over time.

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Summer’s warm weather means that all manner of animal species come out to play, including insects. This, combined with an increase of pollen and other debris can stick to windows, making cleaning more difficult. It’s important to schedule a professional window cleaning at regular intervals to lessen how much of this material is deposited on windows.

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Increased heat and humidity can cause certain types of cleaning solutions to evaporate much more quickly, leading to streaks and spots on windows. Professional cleaners are equipped with the tools and expertise to prevent this from happening, so always make sure to rely on them to do the job correctly.

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The dirtier your windows get, the more negative an effect they’ll have on the morale and well-being of your staff, especially if you have a lot of natural sunlight pouring through. Always make sure that windows are kept squeaky clean so that employees can enjoy the benefits of the summer season, while it lasts.

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Inclement weather conditions such as thunderstorms and extreme heat can cause window cleaning delays and rescheduling, which is an unfortunate reality. Regular window cleanings can help lessen the impact by lowering the amount of dirt and debris that would normally accumulate, making it less noticeable over time.

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Summer’s peak season means that professional window cleaning bookings are at an all-time high. To make sure your windows are cleaned, we again recommend contacting us as early as possible, or scheduling an annual maintenance package that prioritizes your business.


Keeping your office windows clean is a matter of proactive planning, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. Instead, we recommend relying on our professional team here at Toronto Window Cleaners, so you can focus on growing your business, while we take care of the rest.

Contact us today to schedule a professional window cleaning, even if you think you’re a bit late to the task. We’ll work with you to determine the best method to clean your windows, while providing you with a convenient cleaning schedule, and a quote that you’re sure to love.