Everything to Know About Exterior Office Window Caulking

Caulking is a utilitarian job that often goes unnoticed, at least until the problems start to arise. In truth, the very art of caulking holds the fate of office edifices in its seemingly unassuming grasp, and failure to maintain it can lead to costly repairs and monthly vampire drain on the company pocketbook.

Toronto Window Cleaners takes caulking very seriously, because we know exactly what transpires when the job is done incorrectly, or when caulking is left to deteriorate as the years go by. This is especially true for corporate office buildings with windows that are harder to reach, as opposed to a residential home. The following is an inside look at how TWC handles exterior caulking jobs, and why we feel it’s important that you understand everything that goes into the process.

Caulking – More Than Meets The Eye

The modern corporate office building is, by all accounts, a nexus of commerce, collaboration, and of course, competition. As we scrutinize the importance of these sterling urban giants, we mustn’t underestimate the role played by the humble window, upon which sunlight pours through, and gives each building its particular shimmer and charm. Around the edges of every exterior window, however, is a layer of caulking serving an integral set of purposes.

The windows of corporate office buildings must be protected against the elements, or a number of unexpected problems can arise. When caulking starts to go, symptoms manifest in the form of air drafts and water leakage that come complimentary of Canada’s torrid four seasons. Well-sealed windows will prevent these issues, and many other problems from arising, which will contribute to lower heating and electrical bills, proper airflow, and a longer lifespan for each window.

How The Pros Do It

Enter the professionals at Toronto Window Cleaners, armed with caulk guns at the ready, and an understanding of the proper techniques and finesse required to not only get the job done right, but make it look pretty in the process. Our skilled artisans survey a building’s contours, identifying vulnerabilities and potential breach points where caulking has eroded, or has become damaged and in need of replacement. 

Caulking isn’t a simple slapdash affair, but a job that requires technical precision, patience and a heavy degree of focus. Toronto Window Cleaners recommends silicone-based caulking rather than polyurethane when it comes to exterior jobs, given its tough resistance to elements such as water, as well as a much longer lifespan. Once it has been applied, you probably won’t have to worry about touching up your silicone caulking for upwards of 20 years, barring no unforeseen circumstances. Even if your caulking was recently applied, it’s always good to double-check to make sure the job was done correctly. Toronto Window Cleaners offers caulking services alongside our commercial window cleaning services, which means opting for the latter will allow us to determine if the former is required.

Why Caulking Should Matter to You

No matter what part of Canada your business operates out of, one thing is for certain – windows will always be susceptible to the chaos of weather and decay. Our professionals are the methodical experts ensuring the stability and longevity of the concrete and glass structures that allow businesses to operate, grow and become successful. With the bustle of day-to-day operations constantly in focus, the last thing your company should have to worry about is a damaged window, or other problems related to caulking. 

So, the next time you pass by those gleaming office skyscrapers, take a moment to ponder the unseen nature of the caulk that seals each window, and keeps the building running at optimal efficiency. It may be the last thing most of us consider, but proper caulking is a must that should never be left at the wayside. Many of the problems associated with bad caulking can go unnoticed to the average passerby, but the effects will be felt in other places, such as the monthly heating bill. You can prevent unnecessary money drainage by letting the professionals give your building’s windows a once – sometimes twice-over – to make absolutely sure that the quality of your caulking is up to par. If not, we’ll soon fix that.


Toronto Window Cleaners takes the maintenance of corporate office buildings very seriously, and we invest all of our efforts towards that goal, be it professional window cleaning, exterior facade and garage cleaning, and caulking. You may be in need of one, or all three of these services, but rest assured, we’ll provide a quote and a schedule that you’re sure to love, so you can get back to managing your business. Let us handle all the rest! Contact Toronto Window Cleaners today to schedule an appointment, and we’ll come to your location to assess your building.