In order to set the best precedent, your business needs to be clean from top to bottom. However, that also means putting in the effort to have the windows of your commercial office building cleaned on a routine basis. Doing so not only makes the building look its absolute best, but it also sends a positive signal to your employees and visitors that you are a proactive company that prides itself on appearances.

How often, then, should your Toronto-area commercial office building windows actually be cleaned? There’s a few things to unpack, so let’s go through them, one by one.

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Windows in coastal areas, or regions with high humidity may require more frequent cleaning due to salt deposits and moisture. However, for companies located in Toronto, this is less of an issue.Given that the city is a huge, bustling metropolis with so much activity, your windows will nevertheless require consistent cleaning in order to look their best. Just think of all the dirt, debris and pollutants floating around in the air, not to mention the next challenge on our list – Canadian weather!

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Areas with extreme temperatures, heavy rainfall, or high winds may require more frequent cleaning to maintain visibility, and prevent damage. For companies situated in Toronto, however, it’s those harsh Canadian winters that will cause the most issues. Sure, southern Ontario is far less extreme than other parts of the province when it comes to seasonal weather patterns, but Toronto is not immune to blizzards and heavy snowfall, all of which can leave dirt and debris buildup on windows. Couple that with a messy fall season, and you’ll want to be sure your windows are properly maintained throughout the year.

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Windows situated in high-traffic areas, such as shopping centers or office buildings, may require more frequent cleaning due to increased dirt and grime accumulation. There’s simply no way around this. The more activity condensed into a single space, the more dirt is kicked up into the air. In Toronto, this can take several forms, notably a seemingly never-ending series of construction projects, all of which can cause dust and dirt particles to rise and settle on windows and frames.

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There are certain types of windows that sport specialized coatings or treatments, which may require more frequent cleaning as a form of proactive maintenance. The age of the windows is also a factor, particularly if the building is a bit longer in the tooth compared to a recently constructed building. They may have included window sporting seals that have deteriorated over time, in comparison to newer buildings.

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If appearance is a major priority for your company (and why wouldn’t it be?), then regular cleaning can help maintain a polished and professional appearance. Always remember that cleanliness speaks volumes about your company. Even if the windows of your building are high up, you’ll want to make sure they’re as clean as possible, as this will have a trickle-down effect on the rest of the building. Passersby and visitors will formulate a conclusion about the companies working inside, whether the assessment is fair, or not!

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So, now that you understand the scenarios and criteria related to keeping windows clean, it’s time to explore the benefits. There are plenty of them that extend far beyond just a streak-free shine, and they include:

• Improved visibility and reduced glare

• A reduction in energy consumption via more natural light entering the building

• A professional appearance and enhanced curb appeal

• Reduced risk of damage from dirt and grime accumulation

• Increased lifespan of windows, treatments, seals, etc.

• Proactive maintenance to avoid costly damages and repairs down the road


Yes, it’s important to keep your commercial office building windows cleaned thoroughly at all times, but does it have to be such a chore? Of course not, as our team at Toronto Window Cleaners regularly demonstrates for our Toronto-based clients.

Let us come by, evaluate your office building, and determine the best cleaning methods, plus an annual schedule that you’ll never have to worry about. Our dedication to quality is non-negotiable, and we’ll deliver on that promise without impacting your day-to-day operations. Call us today, and let’s schedule your next commercial office window cleaning!