The Benefits Of Rope Access Window Cleaning, And Why They Work

There are several methods used to clean windows, but one of the most versatile and effective is undoubtedly the rope access method. Rope Access Window Cleaning is typically used to access a building’s highest and hardest to reach windows. As the name implies, the method involves using a rope and special equipment to conveniently scale the height of a building, and get up close to each window for an effective cleaning operation.



Though it may appear complicated, the rope access method is surprisingly straightforward and easy to set up. After securing themselves to the roof, window cleaners wear a specialized harness that allows them to scale their way up and down a building. The method is considered very safe, even if onlookers may feel nervous. When applied correctly, windows can be cleaned in a relatively short space of time, without putting the cleaner at risk.



The rope access method can be used to clean windows on a variety of buildings, from relatively modest schools, to the tallest skyscraper. The method is also used to clean apartment buildings and condo complexes, shopping centres, entire office blocks, and even church towers.



While it may look scary (especially to those with a fear of heights), rope access window cleaning is remarkably safe. In fact, the method has been used for years, and has only gotten better with enhanced training and safety equipment. The practicality of the rope access method has proven itself over and over again, which is why it’s such a reputable and common practice across the globe.

That being said, rope access window cleaning does require safety training for all personnel, in order to avoid any mishaps or accidents. The Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) is responsible for taking care of formal training and certification for all would-be window cleaners, and their standards are very high.

For instance, IRATA dictates that workers be trained in three levels before certification can be achieved. Level One is considered the equivalent of trainee status, where new workers participate in window cleaning tasks alongside a supervisor with a Level Three qualification. Level Two focuses more on advanced techniques, as well as rescue operations, and Level Three authorizes workers to oversee an entire operation. That means full responsibility is put on said person in order to make sure safety guidelines are being followed.



Many buildings have windows that are simply unreachable using conventional methods, such as chairs, boom lifts and scaffolding. The rope access method allows workers to gain access to these windows, allowing for hands-on cleaning and detailing. It’s a tried and tested formula that has been used for years, and continues to prove itself both in terms of functionality, and efficiency.

It’s also one of the least disruptive window cleaning methods used in the business, since it doesn’t require any setup at the ground level. That means no unsightly hardware or distractions for workers. During a rope access cleaning operation, workers can reduce the amount of time needed to clean the windows of a building, without causing any disruptions.

In short, it’s one of the most established and reliable window cleaning methods, and definitely one that businesses operating in large buildings can appreciate. The right team can set up their operation, and get the job done in record time, leaving windows that sparkle without a hint of dirt left behind.



Many people are puzzled as to why windows on high rise buildings require cleaning, since they aren’t usually in direct line of sight. It all boils down to maximizing the lifespan of a window, and every speck of dirt contributes to the buildup of debris that can potentially harm it. Also, the less light that comes through a window, the less warm the interior of the building becomes, and this can have a dramatic effect on the heating bill. Keeping windows clean using the rope access method is a low-cost, proactive approach to cost-savings, and organizations definitely should not skimp on this kind of maintenance.

And finally, there’s something to be said for the aesthetic value of a properly cleaned window. Employees, VIPs and other visitors to your building should see cleanliness everywhere, and that includes the windows. Grimy and dirty glass is one of the most obvious standouts, and a sign of uncleanliness. Whether warranted or not, it can have a negative impact on the morale of employees, and how your clients view your work ethic as a whole. Clean windows look great, and invigorate people who look at them. It’s best to maintain your company’s reputation, no matter how big a building it operates out of. The rope access cleaning method can take care of that challenge in no time.