Skyscrapers are a staple of any urban skyline around the world, but with all that glass comes even more dirt, and that’s where high rise window cleaning comes in. Without these brave and talented professionals, that beautiful skyline would soon turn into an eyesore of dirt, grime and bird droppings, along with other unmentionables.

With the number of skyscrapers increasing year over year, the need for high rise window cleaning will be around for quite a long time. Thankfully, window cleaning crews are always on hand to take care of all the dirt and debris deposited on high rise glass windows by the elements, and nature. These talented professionals utilize a number of tools, techniques and tricks to scale up and down the world’s largest skyscrapers, and give each glass window a pristine polish that speaks volumes about the business or businesses operating within.

However, many might be wondering what the process of high rise window cleaning entails, and these talented crews manage to pull it off from one day to the next. We’re here to answer all the questions you might have regarding this window cleaning technique, and how it can be applied to your high rise skyscraper or office building.


The process of cleaning the windows of a skyscraper looks like quite a harrowing and frightening affair. Thankfully, brave workers who aren’t afraid of heights feel totally confident in the technique of high rise window cleaning. That’s because safety regulations surrounding window cleaning of any sort are extraordinarily high, and they should be. 

Window cleaning crews operating on high rise buildings are always required to utilize the proper equipment and training, to make certain no accidents happen. These are tried and tested methods with impeccable safety records to back themselves up. Rest assured, high rise window cleaners know what they’re doing, and they would never be allowed up there if they didn’t possess the very highest safety training.


High rise window cleaners utilize a wide variety of equipment and tools, from a traditional bucket and scraper, to squeegees and sponges. Access to glass windows is typically achieved through the use of moveable platforms that resemble mobile scaffolds, allowing window cleaners to stand in place and give proper attention to each pane of glass.

Others use a Bosun’s chair, which resembles a sort of harness that allows window cleaners to scale a building vertically using ropes and pulleys. The type of access method used depends on the building in question, including its design aesthetics, angles, etc.


High rise skyscrapers and other buildings come in different shapes, sizes and design motifs, which means the schedule for cleanings can vary. Second, a good window cleaning company must take into account the local geography, right down to the weather patterns. Smoggy city districts, or those that get a lot of rainfall will most likely require more frequent cleanings in order to keep buildings looking their best.

Other factors can contribute to the frequency of window cleanings in the short term, such as local industrial work that might kick up a lot of dust and dirt. Sometimes, adjacent buildings can affect a cleaning schedule as well, especially if those buildings are outputting materials in the air that can cause windows to get dirty. A one-size-fits-all approach does not apply here, which means a good window cleaning schedule should be established based on all these criteria.


Window cleaners are a skilled bunch, but even they have to work within the constraints of time. Multiple variables can affect how long it takes for an individual, or a team of window cleaners to get the job done. Size is perhaps the biggest factor in determining how long a job takes. 

Large 50-floor skyscrapers can take up to a month to clean, depending on how many windows are present on the building. Some larger skyscrapers can take months to finish a job, depending on how many hands are on deck. For these larger buildings, a quick solution is simply not an option, based solely on the volume of work. However, smaller skyscrapers and buildings can be cleaned within the space of a week or two.


If you are the owner or tenant of a high rise office building, and you’re unsure as to whether to clean your windows, we invite you to contact us for an appointment. It’s never a good idea to leave unsavory and dirty windows uncleaned, as it can severely dampen the impression your business gives off. Your high rise building should stand apart from the rest, like a glistening spire of cleanliness that mimics your attention to detail.

For more information on scheduling a window cleaning for your high rise skyscraper or office building, please contact us today!