Post-Construction Window Cleaning: Restoring Clarity to Toronto's New Buildings

The average person would be forgiven for hearing the phrase “post-construction window cleaning” and immediately conjuring up thoughts of a handyman wiping down a few windows before ribbon-cutting day, but there’s much more that goes into the job than that. In fact, post-construction window cleaning is such an important facet of the overall building process that it simply cannot be overlooked. And yet, it’s one of the most oft-ignored or understated of all the tasks involved.

Toronto is an area renowned for its many construction projects, and each time one has been completed, there’s an immediate call for a professional team to go in and clean up those dirty windows. To understand what goes into this lengthy and precise job, be sure to read along so you can fully appreciate the work of a professional window cleaning team.



Construction is a messy business that cannot be avoided. With so much dust, dirt and other materials floating about on a construction site, much of it is bound to make its way onto windows and other surfaces. While many construction projects involve protecting glass during each phase of the building process, that’s not always the case. Materials such as paint, tape adhesive, stucco, concrete, dust and silicone (to name a few) can deposit themselves on windows and lead to an unsightly mess. 

Contractors and builders nearly always take this into account, and make post-construction window cleaning a major post-completion priority. However, due to the sheer amount of focus and work involved, it can sometimes be hard for these contractors and builders to find a reputable company capable of delivering the goods. Just as a person who found a good family doctor or reputable mechanic can attest, it’s wise to hang on to a professional team that executes on a plan and delivers fantastic results, without fail. 



It’s not all soap and water when it comes to handling a post-construction window cleaning job. Depending on the materials that have landed on glass windows, the cleaning team may require extra cleaning agents and more than the usual amount of elbow grease to achieve that spic and span look. It all starts with minimizing the amount of materials on the glass, before moving on to a deeper cleaning. High-powered vacuums and precision brushes are used to remove as much dirt and other buildup as possible, which paves the way for detergents and specialty cleaning products to work their magic.

This is a multistage process requiring concentration, experience and dedication to quality. Every window must be given the same amount of TLC and attention to detail in order to deliver optimal results. In case of more severe damages, the use of powerful solvents, degreasers and other materials are used in conjunction with our expert-level techniques to guarantee a sparkling finish.



Post-construction window cleaning projects require a team that can tackle the job with full confidence, so make sure to hire the best, rather than doing it yourself. First, there’s every possibility you may inadvertently damage the windows by utilizing incorrect methods and materials. Second, who would want to clean all those fancy new windows in a completed construction build, all by themselves? There are better things for you and your team to focus on, so make sure to bring in the pros so you can rest assured that they’ll deliver on their promise.

Remember, post-construction window cleaning is a far more tricky and complex scenario than wiping down the dusty windows of your own home. The amount of finesse and careful consideration given to each window cannot be overstated, or indeed, rushed. At the end of the day, always remember that it is still technically a construction site until the moment when the project is ready to be unveiled. Therefore, don’t risk personal injury or costly financial liability by tackling the project yourself.



If you are a construction firm actively engaged in builds around the Toronto area, you know full well the value of having a great window cleaning team at your beck and call. Toronto Window Cleaners is staffed with an amazing team of highly skilled and trained professionals who have vast experience on post-construction job sites, and we know how to get the job done right.

We stand ready to work with you on your latest project, as well as many more to come in the future. Contact us today, and we’ll take a trip down to your construction site to analyze the job requirements, and deliver a competitive and fair quote that will have you smiling long before we deliver platinum-level job results. That’s our promise!