Professional window cleaners are no strangers to working outdoors, particularly when it comes to providing services to corporate clientele. They are quite accustomed to braving not just dizzying heights but also natural elements like intense heat and freezing cold, to make sure that every single window sparkles and shines. The question is, what kinds of challenges do these brave window cleaners face when it comes to adverse weather conditions, and how do they overcome them? Read along to learn how the best of the best tackle unruly weather, all for the sake of making their clients happy.

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It’s no secret that spring and summer are peak seasons for corporate window cleaning, especially after a long and dirty winter, but when the mercury starts to rise, the challenges start to emerge. Professional window cleaning can be exhausting when the sun rises and hot, especially when factoring in all that heavy equipment.

To combat this challenge, professional window cleaners tend to start the job early in the day, so as to avoid the sweltering heat of the afternoon. They also take regular breaks to cool down and recuperate, so as not to suffer heat exhaustion or prolonged exposure to the sun. And, of course, they stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

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Torrential downpours and showers can be a real challenge for window cleaners, since wet surfaces make it quite difficult to clean windows the proper way, as intended. To make matters worse, rain creates naturally slippery conditions, which can be hazardous if the team isn’t careful. Extra vigilance goes a long way, but the pros also partake in a few habits to make sure they’re always safe and secure.

The proper attire can prevent them from getting waterlogged, which in turn can lead to coldness and other challenges. Keeping as dry as possible is just a fraction of the battle, however. Most cleaners use a squeegee with a rubber edge to remove excess water from the surface, so they can do the job properly, despite nature having its way. In terms of overall cleaning technique, professional window cleaners work at a slight incline or overhang, to minimize water accumulation. And finally, if the rainy weather is just too intense to handle, there may be no choice but to reschedule the cleaning appointment. Mother Nature always wins.

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Strong winds are quite dangerous, as they can make it difficult to maintain balance while cleaning high-rise windows, or navigating uneven surfaces. It’s no laughing matter, and depending on the strength and severity of winds, several precautions should be taken into account.

Proper scaffolding is one way professional window cleaners ensure their own safety, but that’s just the start of it. Each team member should secure loose items, such as cleaning equipment or tools, to prevent them from being blown away, or causing accidental injury in the process. If necessary, cleaners may work in pairs to provide additional support and balance. And of course, with the added stress of high winds, it’s important that the crew take regular breaks to rest and refocus the mind.

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When the temperature drops, so too does the ability to perform a professional window cleaning job diminish. However, cleaners know how to prepare for this challenge, so that they can stay on task, and get the job done. Cold snaps can happen at any time, even during spring and summer months, which is why it pays for them to adapt the following strategies.

When it’s clear that the cold is in full effect, professional window cleaners dress in layers to prevent heat loss. This includes wearing insulated, waterproof boots with good grips, to prevent slipping. Regular breaks are recommended, as is the drinking of hot fluids in order to keep the body warm and revitalized. If the weather is so cold that ice may form, then the team may decide to postpone until weather conditions are more appropriate.


Professional window cleaning jobs require both precautions and planning in order to do the job safe, and correctly. However, when the aforementioned extreme conditions kick in, the above techniques can always be relied on. Professional window cleaners are already a brave bunch, which is why it’s important to stop and appreciate the hard work they put in, to make corporate buildings shine and look their best.

If professionalism is at the top of your list of demands, you’ll want to hire only the best. Toronto Window Cleaners understands nature’s fluctuating weather patterns, and the challenges they present. Rest assured, we’ll mitigate those challenges accordingly, while presenting you with a level of service and quality that you’re guaranteed to love! Contact us today to schedule your next window cleaning.