It feels as if technology simply won’t stop progressing, and human beings are having a tough time keeping up. In some ways, it’s a good problem to have, especially given the paradigm shifts that are making life better, easier, and cheaper on everyone’s life. Even the straightforward world of window cleaning is not immune to these technological changes, but we here at Toronto Window Cleaners are excited for what’s to come!

While some of these technologies have not yet been readily deployed, and others have yet to see mass adoption, it’s nevertheless a significant sign that we’re heading in an amazing direction. Here are just some of the technologies that are changing the window cleaning business in 2024, and beyond.



Just as robots replaced human workers on the assembly line a few decades ago, so too are robotic window cleaners set to handle the task of cleaning high rise and other commercial buildings. Utilizing a special platform and a set of advanced algorithms, these robots are capable of skimming along the surface of a building, and tidying up windows at a faster rate than human beings are capable of. Expect the adoption of AI to play an even larger role, allowing robots to intelligently map and think out the fastest and most efficient way to clean a property.

While the debate rages on robots replacing humans, it’s important to note that there will undoubtedly be (at least for the time being) properties with windows that are simply inaccessible to robots, and must be done by hand. It’s also logical to predict that the role of human beings will undoubtedly shift from the inherently dangerous work of window cleaning, to a supporting role. After all, someone will have to set up, program, and keep an eye on the robots as they perform their tasks. We’re a long ways off from fully autonomous bipedal robots that can show up at the job site and handle those tasks on their own.



Another form of robot window cleaners that are quickly picking up steam in the business are drones. In 2024, the sight of these unmanned aerial vehicles has become something commonplace, with drones participating in a number of our daily tasks. When it comes to window cleaning, drones can play an important role by assisting our human window cleaning crew, such as a harder-to-reach area that might otherwise be inaccessible.

These drones are no slouches when it comes to efficiency, or versatility, for that matter. Each drone is equipped with a high resolution camera and sensors that will undoubtedly receive massive upgrades over the next few years. By attaching cleaning tools and products, drones can not perform cleaning tasks, but can also get a close-up view of a building’s facade, which can help teams identify broken windows, damaged seals, and any other structural damage. 



These days, it seems like everything is being “smarter,” including glass! This is a reference to a technology called “electrochromic glass,” which automatically detects elements like heat and sun glare, and adjusts its opacity on the fly. The advantages of smart glass can’t be overstated. Not only does it help to regulate temperature, but it can also reduce the amount of time it takes for windows to get dirty, allowing businesses to maintain cleaner windows for a longer period of time.



How, pray tell, do data and analytics factor into window cleaning? You’re quite right to ask, since the two aren’t normally associated with one another. However, data and analytics is becoming a massive trend for companies who want to keep tabs on cleaning schedules. Data-driven decision-making is fast becoming the hottest trend in business, with AI providing a major boost. Expect this combination to yield benefits in the future, allowing companies to reference weather patterns, work hours and employees, and use them to carve out efficient cleaning schedules. 



The future is getting pretty futuristic, all things considered! It won’t be long before humanity is living in a Jetsons-style age, but we still have a ways to go. In the meantime, the above technological trends are helping to pave the foundation for everything that is yet to come. At Toronto Window Cleaners, we’re excited to see what kinds of technological advancements will occur in 2025, and beyond. 

However, in the present moment, we have a job to do, and that’s providing you with the most professional, versatile, efficient, and competitive window cleaning services in the business! Give Toronto Window Cleaners a call today, and we’ll come to your location, assess your property, and provide you with a quote and schedule that you’re sure to love.