Cleaning the exterior windows of your home isn’t always an easy task. Sure, bungalows may lessen the load a bit, but there are still windows that are sometimes out of reach, or situated in an awkward spot that makes them difficult to access. At Toronto Window Cleaners, we’ve seen it all, and we’ve developed the right techniques to access residential exterior windows so we can perform the best work.

While we always recommend professional window cleaning to give your windows a lustrous and shimmering look, you may sometimes need to do a few touch ups of your own. In those instances, it helps to know a few methods to deal with hard-to-reach windows, so you can handle the task safely and efficiently. 



Yes, this one may seem simple and straightforward, we know. After all, it only makes sense to break out a ladder in order to access windows that may be out of reach, especially in a multi-storey home. However, there’s more to a ladder than simply grabbing one out of the tool shed. First, you’ll want to make sure that safety is your top priority at all times. Make sure the ladder is on level ground, and as stable as possible. If necessary, ask someone to spot you and make sure the ladder doesn’t slip out from underneath you when you’re high up. Don’t neglect a safety helmet, as any significant fall could cause a head injury. 

Before you ascend towards your target windows, don’t forget to grab a proper cleaning kit consisting of water mixed with cleaning solution, a squeegee, and some gloves. Next, you can spray down your windows with the solution, and use the squeegee to polish it clean. If, for any reason, you feel intimidated by the task, don’t proceed. Give us a call, so we can do the job safely and quickly on your behalf.



Your arm can only reach so long, and overextending your body to reach a distant window is risky, to say the least. Never, ever try to do so, especially when you’re on a ladder, or you could end up in the hospital for no good reason. Extensions are handy when it comes to these types of windows, so make sure to use a tool such as a mop, or an extended wiper. From there, you can safely wipe down the window without having to strain yourself. 

Another benefit of an extended wiper is the ability to leave your bucket of water on the ground level, and reach down to give it a rinse. This may not always be possible, mind you, but in certain instances, it’s a lot handier than climbing up and down each time.



No, we don’t mean that way. Rather, your garden hose can come in really handy for certain types of window cleaning jobs, such as loose dirt or a fresh bird dropping. Depending on the situation, you may not even need a mop, bucket, cleaning solution, or the use of a ladder. Be mindful where you’re spraying, however, as the water pressure could damage other parts of your house, such as eavestroughs or certain types of decorations.

However, if you’ve got a clear shot, we suggest going for it. Or, if you need to get in a bit closer, you can always invest in a water-fed pole, which pulls double-duty as a water source, and a wiper, all in one. Just make sure to close nearby windows so you don’t accidentally douse your bedroom! 



Even simple jobs are sometimes a bit too difficult for some to tackle, particularly the elderly, or those dealing with injuries. Never assume the risk, no matter how small you think it might be. Toronto Window Cleaners will gladly come to your home, assess your property, and give you the best quote and a thorough, consistent cleaning schedule so you never have to worry about getting vertigo at the top rung of a ladder! Contact us today, and let us show you why we’re rated so high among GTA residents!