Myths about window cleaning that you need to know about

Many people grew up hearing about at-home remedies and quick tips for life’s most routine chores, but some of them are downright bunk. The information age has allowed us to sound the alarm on many of these falsehoods and half-truths, but many of them still persist to this day. Even something as straightforward as window cleaning is rife with nonsense that should finally be put to rest.

Today, we’re touching on some many window cleaning myths that are either bizarre, inaccurate, or just downright silly, so that you can be certain of what works, and what doesn’t. Whether you’re cleaning a window or two around the house, or you plan to hire a professional window cleaning team to tackle heavier jobs, it’s always good to amass more knowledge on the subject, if for no other reason than to impress your friends and family in the future! 

MYTH #1 – The Newspaper Trick

This one has been going around for some time, and mothers galore still swear by the magician’s touch that is good old fashioned newspaper for window cleaning. We file this one under half-truths, as it did actually have some merit back in the day. In the golden age of newspaper printing, the kind of paper used was of far better quality than the stock used today. As such, what worked for your grandmother decades ago has since become a time-wasting endeavor, which is why you should avoid going this route. Second, the ink from the newspaper can stain certain types of frames, or leave nasty smudges on the glass, not to mention pick up dirt and debris that can potentially scratch your windows. Choose a Microfiber cleaning cloth for a much better result.

MYTH #2 – Vinegar & Water, Or Bust

A certain amount of vinegar in water can tackle all sorts of cleaning jobs, and many believe it has the same effect on windows, but that’s only two-thirds of the equation. While it is true that vinegar can slice through dirt like a hot knife through butter, it doesn’t have quite the same effect on glass, due to its inherent properties. Adding some detergent to a vinegar and water mixture is the final piece of the puzzle that can mean the difference between cleaning a dirty window, or merely shuffling it around the glass.

MYTH #3 – Windows Are Best Cleaned On A Hot Day

A lot of people prefer cleaning windows on a hot and sunny day, purely for the fact that it’s much easier to see dirt buildup, smudges, and other undesirables. That’s a solid argument, but there are some cons to watch out for, not the least of which is the extra difficulty involved in the cleaning process. Hot windows means that any water you apply to the glass will evaporate in record time, making it very easy to get the job done without creating streaks and other marks. It may be better to wait for a few clouds to form in the sky that can provide a bit of shade and cool the windows down. 

MYTH #4 – Never Clean Windows On A Rainy Day

At first glance, this entry might seem obvious. After all, what’s the point of washing windows when the rain is already pouring down? The key is to examine it from all angles, including the fact that today’s windows actually benefit from rainwater to stay clean. While it won’t do the job completely, it will shift and wash away a lot of dirt and debris so that you don’t have to. Other materials that build up over time on windows, such as grime and bird droppings will obviously require the hands-on approach, but proactive window cleaning will prevent it from happening in the future. 

MYTH #5 – Dirty Windows Are No Big Deal

While cleaning windows religiously from one day to the next is overkill, the truth is that leaving them to get dirty will do you no favors either. Dirty windows may not seem noticeable to you, but then again, neither do the hands on a wall clock unless you’re specifically focusing on them. If you haven’t cleaned your windows in a while, you may not realize just how filthy they are until you do. Beyond that, there are plenty of reasons to stay proactive when it comes to window cleaning, such as the fact that dirty windows can prevent more sunlight from entering your home, thereby driving up the cost of your heating bill in the winter. Similarly, leaving dirty windows unattended for too long can lead to damaged frames and other problems which could prove costly down the road.


Window cleaning, especially of the home variety, is relatively easy to keep up with. Try to keep up a consistent schedule based on the weather patterns and level of activity in your neighborhood. For instance, if there’s construction taking place nearby your home, you’ll inevitably have to clean your windows more thoroughly due to all the dust and debris being kicked up. The seasons also play a factor, particularly spring and summer when nature is in a radical state of flux. 

Should you clean your windows by yourself, or hire a professional team? That’s the real question, and it all boils down to whether you want to invest the time and effort to do a proper, thorough window cleaning that will last. Toronto Window Cleaners knows how to properly clean every window on a property, whether it’s a residential house, or a massive, towering skyscraper. Our team will come to you, assess your property, and provide a quote that you’re sure to love, while scheduling out a proper and consistent schedule to keep your windows looking their best. You, on the other hand, can concentrate on the fun things in life! Contact us today.