Get into the spring season with clean windows

The spring season is approaching fast, and Canadians know that means a lot of dirt, debris and runoff as the snow melts. While the excitement of spring is already building, most of us aren’t looking forward to the inevitable cleaning duties that come with the seasonal change, especially where windows are concerned. 

After months of snowfall, fallen leaves, twigs and other materials, windows are bound to get dirty, streaky and full of buildup. However, it’s also the perfect time to have your windows professionally cleaned, so you can kick off the spring and summer season in style! Here’s what we cover at Toronto Window Cleaners. 

Man inspecting window

One of the things we check for whenever we send a team over is to make sure that the windows themselves have not been damaged throughout the winter season. Extreme temperature fluctuations can wreak havoc on certain windows, particularly wood and other substrates. As the window frames bend, it can put excess pressure on the glass, causing cracks and other damages.

The same may happen due to heavy ice buildup, or things like icicles that may have fallen and struck the window throughout the winter. Caulking and sealants may have also been damaged during that time, as well as moisture absorption in the frames, all of which can create issues. We make sure to check for these so that we can report any damages to you, or engage in preventative maintenance to make sure all your windows are fine.

Cleaning supplies

The first step we perform before cleaning your windows is to do a little prep work. That involves things like debris and material removal, wiping off excess water or moisture, and dusting, all of which are designed to get the window as ready as it can be for cleaning. That way, our teams have an easier time focusing on cleaning your windows, without the danger of damaging anything.


Our team understands window cleaning inside and out, and we come equipped with the tools and techniques required to do a fantastic job from top to bottom. Our cleaning solution is eco-friendly, which helps get everyone in the spirit of the rejuvenating spring season, but we also go the extra mile with industry-leading, professional tools designed to handle any window, regardless of how out of reach it may be.

window caulking

The hinges or tracks of your windows should move freely at all times, and if they don’t, it may be a sign that rust has set in. Make sure to keep these hinges and tracks properly lubricated twice per year, typically before the end of fall, and the beginning of spring.

You should also keep a close eye on the quality of your screens, which may deteriorate over time. Even if your screens are in good condition, you may notice they have accumulated a lot of dust, dirt and debris after months of sitting closed during the winter season. Get them ready for springtime by washing them down with some soap and water, and if need be, a brush with gentle bristles.

And finally, keep an eye on the edges of your windows, where caulking is more prone to cracking and damage. Our team will notify you of these issues if they spot them, but you can do it yourself year round with an occasional inspection. Cracked caulking invites drafts, moisture and other undesirables.


There’s never any substitute for a professional window cleaning job, especially where your home is concerned. Sure, it’s great practice to keep your windows spritzed down with a cleaning solution to get rid of dirt and streaks, but sometimes the job is simply too big to do on your own. Don’t risk getting up on the ladder to reach those high exterior windows. Instead, have the professionals take care of it for you, so you can sit back and enjoy the view.

Toronto Window Cleaners is currently taking bookings for springtime window cleanings, so contact us today! We’ll set you up with an inspection, an estimate you’re sure to love, and of course, a cleaning job so good, you’ll bring us back over and over so we can keep your windows checked and cleaned. That’s our promise!