Cleaning your gutters and eavestroughs is just one vital facet of proper exterior home maintenance, and failure to do so can lead to a lot of problems, as well as a series of particularly nasty repair bills. Let’s assume you’ve got that part down, and you’re well aware of the need to have your gutters cleaned consistently. Is that enough, or do you need a better understanding of gutter cleaning to truly appreciate the urgency?

The truth is that clogged gutters and eavestroughs really are no joke, but unfortunately, there are plenty of myths floating about related to their cleaning. Rather than let yourself be led astray by a fib or two, we recommend that you understand the nature of the three biggest myths, so you can be better prepared to deal with them. Here they are, in no particular order.



Unless it’s a full-scale block, some people believe that clogged gutters really aren’t all that big of a deal. This causes them to become lax when it comes to regular cleanings, since the sense of urgency isn’t there to begin with. Can you afford to wait longer than usual to deal with a clogged gutter? The answer, quite simply, is no. 

Always remember what gutters are designed to do – direct water away from the roof, siding and foundation of your home. Blockages cause this water to overflow in all the wrong places, which means direct contact with your property. Over time, this can lead to quite a lot of damage resulting in one humongous repair bill, which is simply not worth it when weighed against the minuscule cost of regular cleanings. There’s also the issue of the gutters, themselves. Blockages can cause them physical damage, such as when water turns to ice in the wintertime and expands, creating cracks. Who wants to spend all that time tearing down old gutters and replacing them with new ones? It’s best to ignore this myth, and be proactive and punctual when it comes to regular gutter cleaning. It’s a small investment of your time and resources in exchange for plenty of peace of mind.



Admittedly, this isn’t a complete myth, as there are indeed many folks who are more than capable of cleaning their own gutters. However, there are just as many who lack the expertise, physicality or health to undertake such a risky endeavor, especially where ladders are concerned. Gutter cleaning requires a lot of stamina, not to mention safety preparation. Why put yourself at risk when you can have highly trained professionals, such as our team here at Toronto Window Cleaners, do it for you?

There’s also quality to consider. Sure, you may be able to clean your own gutters, but do you possess the expertise to do the job as well as the pros? While you may think that isn’t necessary, you should be aware that there’s more to it than simply removing a few twigs and some dirt from the gutter. You’ll be dealing with animal droppings, tree sap, dirt, sediment and other debris that can build up within the gutter, requiring special cleaning products and techniques to get rid of. Can you do it? Possibly. Should you bother with the hassle of it all? We don’t think so, so let us do it for you!



This may actually not be a myth if you happen to live in very select areas on the planet with mild and temperate climates, but Canadians are absolutely out of luck. We get four particularly intense seasons every year, and they all have something to contribute when it comes to clogging up gutters. Fall and winter are by far the worst offenders, and since they’re back-to-back, a single cleaning per year simply isn’t enough. When the leaves start falling off the trees during autumn, you’re bound to get clogged gutters, and it’s advisable to have them cleaned before winter hits, so ice and other materials don’t become compounded on top of them.

When spring hits, you should automatically schedule a second gutter cleaning to deal with everything winter had to offer in terms of dirt and material deposits. This cleans up and refreshes gutters for the milder spring and summer seasons, which are less likely to clog up your gutters. So, to recap, we recommend two cleanings per year, before and after winter has come and gone. Depending on how forested the area you live in is, you may need further cleanings, but this is usually not required. When in doubt, contact us so we can come to your home and analyze your gutters to recommend the best schedule for you.



And there you have it – the three biggest myths regarding gutter cleaning, and why you shouldn’t buy into them. Cleaning out your gutters is a necessary evil that most homeowners don’t want to do, which is why we at Toronto Window Cleaners want to take one for your team! Our personnel are highly trained and experienced, and they’ll not only clean your gutters safely, but thoroughly, so you can rest assured knowing there’s one less monumental headache facing you as a homeowner.

As stated before, we’ll come to your location, assess your property, and inspect your gutters before making a recommendation on scheduling. The part you’ll really love is the pricing, which is more than fair, competitive, and a pittance compared to the grisly alternative of leaving your gutters unattended for too long. Trust us, we’ve seen it before!