Reasons To Have Your Gutters Cleaned Professionally

Your gutters can be considered a line of defense for your home that protects it from roof to ground. When gutters are damaged, it can be disastrous, potentially leading to thousands upon thousands of dollars in repair costs for your home. For that reason, it’s always best to have your gutters cleaned regularly. Some aren’t […]

Everything You Need To Know About Eavestrough Cleaning Costs

Cleaning out your eavestroughs is highly recommended at least twice a year, depending on your location and the amount of debris that can build up. Doing so will prevent damages to the eavestroughs, which in turn can affect the siding, roof and foundation of your house, among other things.  However, many people still inquire about […]

Fall Window Cleaning – Do You Need It?

Proper window cleaning is key to maintaining a good aesthetic, while also banishing harmful elements such as dirt buildup that can have detrimental effects on your property. As the fall season approaches, the leaves begin falling from the trees, and more dirt is whipped up via high winds.

When You Should Clean Your Gutters – The Ultimate Guide

We at Toronto Window Cleaners understand the need to keep an eye on other key areas of your home besides your windows – particularly your eavestroughs/gutters. These devices do more than just redirect water away from your home. They actively protect your property in ways many people aren’t fully aware of, and keeping them clean is vital…

How Often Should You Clean Your Eavestrough?

An eavestrough is an important part of any house or building, and its function goes far beyond what most people think. The essential purpose of an eavestrough is to direct water away from a building where it can be disposed of in a safe manner, so as not to damage the foundation.

The Cost Of Window Cleaning In The Toronto Area

Toronto is a bustling mega-metropolis, and that means there’s a lot of glass to keep clean, especially when it comes to the downtown core and its high-rise buildings. Homeowners and businesses should consider the cost of window cleaning as a maintenance fee, and plan accordingly.

The Dangers Of Pressure Washing Your Windows

Pressure washing is a popular technique when it comes to cleaning cars, sidewalks and building facades, but is it the right choice for cleaning your windows? That’s an important question with some complexity attached to it, especially for those who aren’t familiar with how it works.

Utilizing rope access for various jobs

The Rope Access method is a tried and tested formula used by window cleaners to quickly and efficiently do their jobs. This method works especially well for high rise buildings, due to its quick, convenient and easy set up.

The different methods used to clean windows, and why they matter

About Toronto Window Cleaners

The different methods used to clean windows, and why they matter Toronto Window Cleaners utilizes a wide variety of equipment and techniques to deliver platinum-level service to our commercial and residential clients, and they all serve a purpose, depending on the property in question. Naturally, we possess the training, experience and credentials to implement these […]

How To Choose The Best Window Cleaning Company For Your Business

How To Choose The Best Window Cleaning Company For Your Residential Home

How To Choose The Best Window Cleaning Company For Your Business Every business wants to look their best in order to attract customers and clients. After all, it’s a physical representation of their work ethic, attention to detail, and personal pride. When a company’s storefront of a building looks its best, clients feel far better […]