How To Avoid Mistakes While Cleaning The Windows In Your Home

Window cleaning is a fact of life, whether you own or rent a house, condo, apartment or other dwelling. Over time, windows get dirty, no matter how tidy the interior of your home is. However, when it comes time to clean those windows, be sure to avoid many of the common mistakes, as they can detract from the quality of your windows, while forcing you to do the job all over again. 

The good news is that these mistakes are easy to avoid, provided you arm yourself with a few basic tips. Doing so will leave you with streak-free windows that glisten, while eliminating the risk of damage, and keeping them clean for a much longer period of time. After all, nobody wants to clean their windows more than they need to!



It sure can be tempting to use any kind of cleaning product to clean your windows, but you’ll probably set yourself up for more work if you do. Plus, the quality of your cleaning won’t be anywhere near as good. Glass requires special cleaning compounds tailored specifically to the material, which will help cut through dirt, eliminate grime, and banish those nasty streaks all in one go. If your windows require a thorough cleaning, yet you lack the necessary products, you can always fall back on regular water and a simple soft cloth. Yes, you’ll see prominent streaking, but they’ll soon go away as the water dries. For dirtier windows, you’ll definitely want to invest in a specialized cleaning product, however.



Cleaning windows inside of the home may seem like a safer prospect as opposed to outside, but you’ll want to exercise a high degree of caution, nonetheless. Spilled water is a slipping hazard, and rickety old ladders simply won’t do when you’re trying to reach higher windows in the home. Thankfully, you have some options, such as extendable pole-arm window cleaners which will allow you to clean those tough to reach spots. If possible, avoid cleaning your interior windows alone, as you’ll want to alert a friend or family member in case an accident does occur. If you find yourself intimidated by the prospect altogether, it’s time to hire the professionals to come and do the job for you!



We’ll forgive you for starting at the center of each window and wiping outwards, as at first glance, it feels like the most logical way to clean. However, it’s actually the reverse technique which will yield the best results. Start at the frame itself, and gradually move to the center of the glass. Remember that most dirt accumulates near the frame, so you’ll want to dislodge it at the start in order to get rid of the bulk right away. Afterwards, you can focus on polishing the glass to a shine, without worrying about dragging excess dirt onto glass that has already been cleaned. Plus, you’ll avoid a lot of streaking in the process.



Thankfully, newspapers are on their way out in an age of digital news and a paperless approach to business. However, if you still have newspapers sitting about in your house, don’t use them to clean your windows. While it is true that the “newspaper trick” has been used for a long time to remove dirt and clean windows quite effectively, the abrasive material can scratch the windows, especially after it has picked up a lot of dirt. Rather, use a lint-free, non-abrasive soft cloth that will pass over your windows like silk. For a more effective clean, invest in a cloth made specifically to soak up large amounts of water so that you can prevent streaking and droplet marks after you’ve done your cleaning.



Cleaning your windows isn’t nearly enough to keep them in tip top shape. For that, you’ll need to be vigilant, and try to spot any damages such as cracks or broken seals which can lead to bigger problems down the line. These are usually signs that maintenance will need to be performed in order to prevent any costly repairs in the future. Even if they don’t seem like a big deal right now, they could be contributing to things like windy drafts and temperature fluctuations, which can have a negative effect on your monthly electric bill. And finally, it’s good practice to have your windows cleaned by a professional team at least once a year, just in case you miss something. It’ll sure save you in the long run!



Cleaning your windows is a chore, but it’s an important one. Don’t neglect it, or you may run into problems you never expected. Plus, nobody likes the look of unsightly windows filled with dirt, smudges and the dog’s nose prints! If you’d rather leave the job to the pros, give  us a call here at Toronto Window Cleaners.

It’s our job to make you happy, and that means using our expertise to clean every single window from top to bottom, while simultaneously checking for damages that you need to be made aware of. Plus, it’s much safer than getting up on that ladder all by yourself. Contact us today, and we’ll come to your house, assess your windows, provide a quote you’re sure to love, and create a set-it-and-forget-it cleaning schedule that will keep your windows looking their best, all year ‘round.