We all know that washing the windows in your home is a necessary thing from time to time, but there’s a difference between doing the job yourself, and having a professional take on the responsibility. While cleaning most interior windows is a pretty straightforward affair, the same can’t be said of outside. 

There, window washing can actually become a hazardous job, even if you’ve done it before. The question is, just how hazardous? It helps to understand a few facts and figures related to DIY window washing, before you decide to tackle the chore yourself. Otherwise, it may be a good idea to hire a professional team that is well trained and certified.



When it comes to cleaning exterior windows around your home, you’re going to need to rely on the use of a ladder. That’s where things can get rather tricky, and potentially dangerous. Whenever you climb a ladder, you put yourself at risk for injuries both great and small. For multi-storey houses with high windows, the risk of serious injury increases greatly. You may think that it’s a straightforward affair requiring only basic common sense, but you may inadvertently forget a few things in the process.

For instance, if the wrong ladder type is used, or if it is placed on uneven or soft ground which can give way, you risk falling off and causing injury to yourself. Similarly, it can sometimes be difficult to check the structural integrity of a ladder, and many people don’t even bother. Lack of equipment inspection is a common culprit when it comes to work-related injuries, and ladders are no different. 

Next, there are exterior conditions to consider, such as whether the surface below the ladder is wet. If so, the ladder’s feet can potentially slide, triggering imbalance, and a surefire path to the emergency room. Even if the weather outside is dry and sunny, the simple act of repositioning the ladder (and yourself) to clean each new window drastically increases the chances of missing something vital. Not all parts of your home’s exterior will be the same, and this includes the various surfaces you’ll need to set your ladder on. 



Unfortunately, ladder accidents are more common than you might think. The main culprit behind most of these injuries is the lack of proper equipment, unsafe terrain, lack of protective gear, and of course, lack of training and experience.

By contrast, a professional window cleaning team is well-versed on all facets of the business, and have been certified and trained from top to bottom. This allows the team to handle any window cleaning task as if it were second nature, with the right equipment and safety gear to match. Toronto Window Cleaners knows the value of being properly trained and equipped when dealing with window cleaning jobs both great and small. This prevents our customers from risking personal injury to themselves, while we tackle the job for them with certified training and techniques.

While it might be tempting to try and save money by doing the job solo, the inherent costs related to injuries from falls and other accidents may not be worth it. Consider time off work, ancillary medical bills, and the time needed to recuperate and heal from an injury, and then ask – is it really worth saving a bit of money? By hiring a professional team, you can rest easy knowing that the experts are in charge, and they’re guaranteed to clean your windows even better than you might have expected. All the while, you’re safe on the ground, while they handle the job for you.



At Toronto Window Cleaners, we take the safety of the public very seriously, which is why our team has been trained, certified and equipped to handle any window cleaning task. We’d rather you focus your day on more enjoyable things, while we polish your home’s windows to a sparkling shine. Plus, we are trained to spot things you may have missed, such as damages to your windows and seals which may require action, lest you incur more costs. That’s extra value on top of maintaining your personal safety!

If you’re thinking about cleaning the windows of your home by yourself, consider giving us a call before you do. We’ll come to you, and assess your home with a highly competitive and attractive quote that will make you rethink getting way up there on the ladder, and putting yourself in harm’s way. We certainly don’t want to see you get hurt! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.