All The Tools Used By Professional Window Cleaners

Professional window cleaners know their stuff, and they come equipped with a set of tools to do the job right. However, many people may not be aware, which is why we’re sharing the knowledge with you today.

How To Clean Hard-To-Reach Exterior Windows

Cleaning the exterior windows of your home isn’t always an easy task. Sure, bungalows may lessen the load a bit, but there are still windows that are sometimes out of reach, or situated in an awkward spot that makes them difficult to access.

Post-Construction Window Cleaning – How Do We Do It?

Construction sites are messy places, as we all know. There’s no way around it, whether it’s dirt, dust, cement or other particulates that can accumulate on windows and turn a brand new building into a filthy mess.

How To Remove Cement From Glass Windows

Cement is the foundation of any real estate property, be it residential or commercial. However, it can be a nightmare if it manages to splash on the wrong surfaces, particularly glass windows. Yet, many construction sites have this problem, given the nature of building, and the various materials used.

How To Prepare Your Windows For The Winter Season

It’s that time of year when Canadians prepare for the onslaught of the winter season, and homes are never spared! One of the most oft-overlooked items on the winter checklist are windows, which require preparation in order to avoid any potential issues or complications.

Can Cleaning Your Eavestroughs Help The Environment?

Did you know cleaning your gutters can help the environment? It’s not just about avoiding leaks and protecting your house! Join us to learn how cleaning eavestroughs keeps both your home and the Earth happy and healthy!