Summer Window Cleaning Challenges All Businesses Face

Summer has arrived, and with it, the peak season for commercial window cleaning. If you’ve put off cleaning your office windows, now’s the time to take advantage, but you’ll need to be ready to tackle a few challenges. Today we’re looking at a host of particular challenges that we here at Toronto Window Cleaners see on a routine basis, and we’re including some tips to overcome them.

How Often Should You Clean The Windows Of Your Commercial Office Building?

In order to set the best precedent, your business needs to be clean from top to bottom. However, that also means putting in the effort to have the windows of your commercial office building cleaned on a routine basis. Doing so not only makes the building look its absolute best, but it also sends a positive signal to your employees and visitors that you are a proactive company that prides itself on appearances.

How The Weather Can Affect A Corporate Window Cleaning Job

Professional window cleaners are no strangers to working outdoors, particularly when it comes to providing services to corporate clientele. They are quite accustomed to braving not just dizzying heights but also natural elements like intense heat and freezing cold, to make sure that every single window sparkles and shines.

Everything You Need To Know About High-Rise Window Cleaning

High-rise window cleaning is a necessary part of building maintenance, but it’s definitely not for the faint of heart! Just imagine, if you can, dangling from a rope high up in the air, with only a harness protecting you from the physics of gravity.

Tried And Tested Window Cleaning Hacks For A Streak-Free Shine

Cleaning the windows of your home seems like a straightforward process, not to mention a routine part of the overall maintenance process. That’s all fine, but what if you could speed up the job, while enhancing the final quality at the same time?

The Ultimate Guide To Balcony Window Cleaning

If you live in an apartment or condominium, you’ve no doubt seen just how filthy and unsightly your balcony windows can get. Cleaning them seems like a monumental task, but with some planning and consistency, you can tackle the job quickly and efficiently. Next time, it’ll be far easier! So, where should you start?

Get Into The Spring Season With Clean Windows

Window Cleaners at work

The spring season is approaching fast, and Canadians know that means a lot of dirt, debris and runoff as the snow melts. While the excitement of spring is already building, most of us aren’t looking forward to the inevitable cleaning duties that come with the seasonal change, especially where windows are concerned.

How To Caulk Your Exterior Windows, And What To Avoid

Man caulking window

If you’re reading this blog right now, there’s a rather large chance that you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into the mysterious world of window caulking. Today, we’re about to turn the seemingly mundane task of sealing windows into an informative adventure. However, you might be wondering, “Why on earth should I care about caulking?”