Technology, for the most part, makes everything better. At the very least, it makes life a lot more convenient by simplifying tasks, and cutting down on the amount of time required to get them done. This is just as true for the commercial cleaning industry, as it is for home tidiness. In Canada, technology is set to change the way cleaning is done.

The key will be leveraging each of these technologies in order to make the most of their usefulness, which in turn will drive innovation to create even better products that will eventually make our lives even easier than they are now. Here’s just a few technological advancements coming to Canada in the immediate future.


Apps redefined the way we live our lives, and that has paved the way for smart technologies to make greater inroads. Today’s modern smart systems can keep track of everything from cleaning schedules, to calendar reminders, and real-time monitoring of various tasks. Expect it to be implemented in things like robot vacuums as time goes by, virtually eliminating the need for human oversight.


Eco-friendliness is on everyone’s mind these days, and businesses have taken notice as well. The commercial cleaning sector has seen a major influx of products designed with environmental friendliness in mind. Harsh chemical solutions, for instance, are on their way out, making room for all-natural substitutes that do just as good a job, without harming the environment. Window cleaning companies especially are benefitting from the use of these products to complete their work, while doing their part for a better tomorrow.


This unique cleaning method might seem like science fiction, but it’s more grounded in reality and science than one might think. The premise is simple – spraying electrostatically charged mist onto various surfaces that contain particles with a positive charge. This causes them to cling to surfaces and sanitize them via a built-in disinfecting agent. This method has a double-positive effect. First, it takes far less time to complete a cleaning job, and second, it can clean harder to reach areas that may be a hassle to get to by normal methods. 


Though relatively expensive as an upfront investment, robotics technology is quickly proving itself to be a cost-effective (in the long run) advancement in the cleaning industry. Robots are programmed to carry out tasks with consistency in mind, which means there’s no need to worry about various levels of cleaning quality from day to day. Second, they can be deployed any time of the day, and do not require sleep, or fall victim to fatigue.

Expect this technology to gain huge amounts of traction, especially when factoring in declining birth rates in the West. With fewer people entering the cleaning fields, robots will no doubt pick up the slack, and they’ll be able to run fully automated with occasional maintenance, which will turn them into a regular mainstay in our daily lives.


The recent pandemic exacerbated paranoia about viral outbreaks, which means anti-viral measures will continue to be a huge focus, at least for another decade, if not more. This will spur an entirely new set of technological developments, including better and more efficient cleaning and disinfecting chemicals, as well as new methods of killing viruses and bacteria.

This in turn will work hand-in-glove with company policies regarding health and safety as we move into the remainder of the decade. The creation of scanners to detect viral contagions and bacteria in workplaces is not that far-fetched, and it’s only a matter of time before proactiveness gives way to technologies that will forever change the way we handle health and safety in the corporate world.


When people think of nanotechnology, they inevitably imagine microscopic robots working together in a hive mind to achieve a task. However, that’s not how the concept is applied in the cleaning industry. Here, nanotechnology involves analyzing atoms and molecules of particular substances in order to learn how they interact with each other, which in turn allows scientists to come up with new products that tackle cleaning jobs on the nanoparticle level. 

This has spawned an entirely new range of products, from self-cleaning fabrics and cleansing films, to nanoparticle soaps, and even advanced washing machines. The fight against dirt and grime has gone far beyond what we can with just our two eyes. It now encapsulates a world most of us will never see, unless we invest in an expensive microscope.


As these technologies evolve, so too will the cleaning industry, paving the way for better products, which in turn will be coupled with amazing service. At Toronto Window Cleaners, we remain fascinated by the advancements we are seeing in the cleaning industry, and we look forward to implementing many of them into our own services. 

For right now, we remain committed to providing the best window, eavestrough, facade and garage cleaning for commercial and residential properties, and we back that up with an experienced, highly-trained team of professionals who will get the job done fast, at a competitive price. Contact us today to learn more.

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