Cleaning windows is a common household chore, but many view it with a sense of dread. After all, it’s hard to know what techniques to use to prevent streaking, reach higher windows, or properly utilize the right cleaning products. The answers are still remarkably reliable, even as we move into 2023, and require little more than a quick brushing up as we enter the new year.

Read along for the best tips to clean your windows with no hassles, fuss or wasted time, and start the new year off right. You’ll be glad you took this crash course, especially as we move between seasons, while preparing for spring to arrive.


Believe it or not, cleaning your windows involves a little bit more than just spraying down glass and giving it a wipe. To accomplish a truly thorough cleaning job, you’re going to need to do a bit of pre-cleaning maintenance.

Give your dry windows a wipe down with a microfiber cloth in order to grab dust and other small debris particles that may linger on the glass. By implementing this first step, the rest of the job will be much easier, since a lot of the particulates that build up on glass will already be taken care of. Plus, the dust and debris won’t pool on the edges of the window where they can build up and cause troubles when opening or closing.


Water comes in two forms – hard and soft. The former is a real problem when cleaning windows, since it can lead to dirty and unsightly windows, not to mention damages to paint and sealants. If you’re not sure whether you have hard water coming out of your tap, grab a bottle and fill 2/3rds with water, then add about 10 drops of unscented soap (avoid detergent). If lots of bubbles form on the surface of the clear water, you’re good to go.

However, if there are minimal or no bubbles, and the water has turned cloudy, you most likely have a hard water problem. Distilled water is the way to go here, if you’re able to procure some from your local supermarket. Alternatively, you can use the old fashioned water and vinegar combination to clean your windows, which is still used by many to this day.


Not all cleaning products are alike, or meant for the same purpose, so make sure you’re choosing the right ones for your window cleaning job. That means avoiding all-purpose cleaners such as bathroom and counter solutions that may contain harsh chemicals capable of damaging the glass. One of the most common types of glass damage is a process called “etching,” which is a deterioration of the glass itself.

Always choose cleaning products designed specifically for glass and windows so that you can be sure you’re not going to experience any issues. These cleaners contain the right mixture of ingredients necessary to create a long lasting clean and shine job, without contributing to the types of damage normally caused by all-purpose products.


Squeegees are great for cleaning glass, but they’re especially handy for tackling hard-to-reach areas. If you have a high ceiling with tall windows in your house, you can either break out the ladder, or opt for a squeegee on a stick to go high. Not only do squeegees boast remarkable glass cleaning performance, but they’re also versatile and adaptable to just about any window cleaning job.


Starting at the top and working your way down is a recommended method for cleaning windows, as opposed to haphazardly wiping in any number of different directions. By sticking to a uniform method, you’re sure to detail each area of the window without missing anything.

This systematic approach allows for a cleaner result, since it doesn’t spread dirt and grime all over the window, which can pool in other places and prolong the cleaning job. If up and down isn’t your thing, then go side to side; it’s just as good. Whichever method you choose, make sure you stick to uniform movements in order to get the best possible results.


As you can see, it’s very easy to get beautiful windows by following a few simple key steps. Just make sure to choose the correct cleaning products, and utilize the right techniques in order to cut down on wasted time, and get lovely results in the process.

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