The Rope Access method is a tried and tested formula used by window cleaners to quickly and efficiently do their jobs. This method works especially well for high rise buildings, due to its quick, convenient and easy set up. 

However, many clients don’t realize the scope of the Rope Access method, and what kinds of services it can provide. They go far beyond just simple window cleaning jobs, which is why it pays to understand just how versatile this method really is. The following is a list of services that the Rope Access method can handle, including a few you may not be aware of.


Of course, the most obvious service is good old fashioned window cleaning, but this goes beyond just touching up dirty windows. The Rope Access method is capable of reaching windows that would otherwise be impossible with conventional methods, and this is particularly true of tall buildings such as skyscrapers.


It can sometimes be hard to ascertain the level of damage on a particular window, but the Rope Access method can be used to get a close-up view. This includes checking for sealant and caulking issues that may have arisen. The method can also be used to keep track of the conditions of exterior walls, for insurance and repair estimates.


Buildings are often used as convenient billboards to advertise a company, whether it’s a large sign, or a corporate banner. There are several reasons to decorate windows and exterior walls with advertising and marketing material, but the Rope Access method is one of the best means of achieving them.


Over time, exterior window caulking and sealants can become damaged, and will require a re-application in order to prevent water damage from occurring due to leakage. Rope Access technicians can quickly scale a building and identify any windows which may show a deterioration in integrity.


Rope Access technicians can quickly and easily gain access to exterior vents, for the purposes of cleaning. They can also repair portions of a vent that have become damaged, in order to guarantee proper airflow and operation.


The Rope Access method is considered a mainstay of the window cleaning business, but its uses extend far beyond just that one job. Year over year, this method proves its value when it comes not just to maintenance, but safety and security, as well.