Construction sites are messy places, as we all know. There’s no way around it, whether it’s dirt, dust, cement or other particulates that can accumulate on windows and turn a brand new building into a filthy mess. Post-construction window cleaning isn’t an option, but a must! Yet, few people really understand what goes into such a job, and it’s a bit more complex than you might think.

Today, we’re pulling back the curtain on our approach to post-construction window cleaning, and how we’re able to pull off such fantastic work in the aftermath of a neat freak’s worst nightmare. Ready to learn a few tricks of the trade? Follow along with us!


At heart, a post-construction window cleaning job isn’t much different from a regular commercial window cleaning contract. That is, of course, when broken talking about the basics. We still utilize the same fundamental techniques, tools and equipment to get the job done, but the actual complexity lies in the challenges we face in a post-construction scenario.

More on that in a bit.

For the time being, try to think of a post-construction window cleaning job as nearly identical in approach to the kind of high-rise window cleaning jobs you often see from time to time.


The act of constructing a building requires a lot of materials, some of which get stuck on glass and hold on like a trooper. When construction residue and waste clings to windows, it requires a particular touch to properly clean them. First, we must remove any particulates such as dirt and debris from windows that have settled, before we move onto the actual wipe n’ clean job. Care is paramount in this scenario, as removing that dust (either with a vacuum or a water hose) can easily scratch the glass, ruining a brand new window in the process. Particular techniques apply here. 


Ever see the state of windows on a newly-finished building? Forget the aforementioned construction residue. That’s nothing compared to paint and caulking that may have inadvertently splattered across the glass, giving us another unique challenge to deal with. Luckily, we know all the tricks and techniques required to handle this portion of the job. If necessary, we rely on glass cleaner and a sharp blade held at just the right angle to loosen and lift paint and caulking away, without leaving a mark on the glass. If necessary, we’ll also remove any residual paint and caulking that may have been left on the edges of the glass, as these unsightly elements don’t exactly speak well for a sparkling new building!


Now that the two previous gatekeepers have been successfully vanquished, it’s time for us to move on to the actual cleaning work. It’s important to note that all of our efforts thus far still may not guarantee a window free of dirt and debris, which is why we’re always extra-careful. A thorough initial cleaning job is performed to make sure that we’ve removed all of it, lest a single grain of dirt be left behind that can scratch the window.

From here, we start dousing the window with water to make sure it is thoroughly wet, before alternating to a squeegee in order to wipe it all off. We also have another opportunity to remove any stubborn leftover paint or residue that we weren’t able to banish prior. It’s a constant back-and-forth between wetting the glass, and using a squeegee to clean it off, as if to remove dirt and residue in layers. Once finished, the only thing left to worry about are streaks, which we take care of quickly with one final go-over. Are we obsessively compulsive about perfection? Why, yes we are! 


Throughout the entire post-construction window cleaning process, caution is always at the top of our list of priorities. While Toronto Window Cleaners’ personnel pride themselves on doing a fantastic job in the quickest amount of time, they also realize that there are no shortcuts on a post-construction job site. This is where we slow down and become meticulous in our handiwork, for the sake of every single window installed on a brand new building. 


As you can guess, cleaning the windows on a newly constructed building is no easy feat, and we do not recommend tackling the job yourself. First, you’ll probably lack the gear, so there’s that! However, the size or height of a building isn’t the determining factor when deciding whether or not to hire a professional team. It’s the very nature of a post-construction site, and the state of the windows in question. As you’ve learned here, this isn’t quite like hosing down a dusty window once in a while. Without proper training and experience, you might easily scratch up your windows for no good reason.

Toronto Window Cleaners has been handling window cleaning duties on post-construction job sites for a very long time, and we know exactly how to go in, assess each and every window, and do the job right. The end result is windows that sparkle, and help contribute to the freshness and beauty of a brand new building. Contact us today, and let us handle your next post-construction window cleaning job!