No matter how high the quality of a particular window, it’s eventually going to get dirty. This is especially true of windows that are in hard-to-reach places, such as commercial buildings. With no easy access to these windows, they’re more inclined to attract dirt, debris and other unmentionables over a very short space of time. The result is a compounded mess that needs to be dealt with, lest your windows look off-putting to both your staff, and your visitors.

Thankfully, commercial window cleaning companies know exactly how to tackle this problem, by utilizing their training and equipment to polish even the most out-of-reach window to a shimmer. The question is, should you wait until the problem has become chronic before doing something about it? The answer, of course, is “no,” but that leads to a more thought-provoking question – exactly how often do you need to clean your commercial building’s windows?



Weather varies between regions, and if you’re living in the Toronto area, you know how much rain and snow can fall over the space of a year. With all that comes a lot of mineral deposits that can accumulate on windows and sully them within just a few months. No, it’s not your fault, and it certainly isn’t fair, but you’ll have to do something about it.

A professional window cleaning company will always recommend a routine schedule for cleaning windows, perhaps twice, or three times a year, just to make sure they’re kept looking their best. It isn’t just about the cleanliness of the glass, either. Too much mineral buildup can have other ill effects that can cause other headaches, so you’ll want to be proactive on this issue.



If your commercial building is in the heart of the downtown core, or a particularly busy part of the city, you’re going to experience more foot traffic, as well as vehicle traffic. Couple that with the unavoidable pollutants in the air, and you’ve got a recipe for dirt and grime that can build up quite fast. Whether it’s fingerprints, dust or smog, they all play a role in how quickly your windows get dirty.

Also remember that busy commercial areas tend to attract a lot of birds, and we all know what they’re prone to do! Don’t allow your building to become a mess of unmentionables, or it will undoubtedly send the wrong message to your customers, patrons and clients. Instead, have a professional window cleaning company arrive on the scene on a recurring basis to tidy things up.



What if your commercial building lies in the heart of nature, itself? Sure, you’ll avoid a lot of smog and foot traffic, but you’ll also be left to the tender mercies of the environment around you. That can mean falling leaves, pine needles, insect hordes, rodent droppings, and so on. The farther you are from a bustling downtown area, the more nature will inevitably encroach on your commercial building.

In that case, you’ll want to get the pros in to make sure your windows are spic and span, year-round. Be assured that nature will not respect your company’s space, and will in fact make convenient use of it whenever possible. That means more potential damage to your windows and seals, which can trigger an entirely new set of problems.



To summarize, we’ve established that it’s probably not the best practice to wait until your windows have become overly dirty. Rather, it’s more convenient and cost-effective to have a professional window cleaning team arrive on the scene every few months, in order to keep your windows maintained. The longer you go, the more dirtier your windows will become, and that can lead to costly repairs down the road.

Plus, it’s good practice to send the right message to anyone passing by your building. Your staff and clients will appreciate it most of all, as it will tell them that you’re big on cleanliness and presentation. It may seem odd to equate the state of a commercial building with this kind of response, but it does work on a subconscious level for many people. Always put your best foot forward. 



Toronto Window Cleaners knows the value of keeping windows clean and shiny, and we can spot things that others cannot. Not only will we provide a competitive quote for our meticulous high-quality work, but we’ll also check every single window to make sure bigger problems aren’t on the horizon. That’s added value on top of the pride you’ll feel over the look of your building.

Contact us today if you’d like to schedule regular window cleanings for your commercial building. We’ll come down to your location, assess your building, and provide a strategic plan that will keep costs down, reduce distractions during work hours, and help your building look its best.