Proper window cleaning is key to maintaining a good aesthetic, while also banishing harmful elements such as dirt buildup that can have detrimental effects on your property. As the fall season approaches, the leaves begin falling from the trees, and more dirt is whipped up via high winds. 

This, combined with winter just around the corner means that a fall window cleaning is highly recommended. Read on to learn the benefits of why you should schedule a window cleaning for the fall season so that you can be prepared for the months ahead.



This is the easiest reason to schedule a window cleaning, and the one most people notice the most. Clean windows are aesthetically pleasing, and can add luster and shine to your property. Plus, they foster a refreshing and vibrant feel that can have trickle-down effects for you and your entire family.

Plus, the fall is when dirt and other materials tend to build up more significantly, so it’s a good time to get them cleaned before the winter season arrives. That way, you’ll get to enjoy clean windows for the longest period throughout the year.



It’s much harder to clean windows during the winter season, especially in Canada where temperatures tend to drop significantly and remain there for extended periods. Even in otherwise balmy climates, the sheer buildup of snow and wet can make it difficult.

By cleaning windows in the fall, you can get them ready for the bombardment of winter that is to come. When spring arrives, you should immediately schedule another cleaning to deal with the previous season’s deposits of dirt and other materials that accumulate over the course of a few months. Stick to this schedule, and your windows will stay protected and well-maintained.



The first and foremost reason for cleaning your windows is for their protection, and the protection of your property. All manner of dirt buildup and leaves can settle on your windows, which can cause permanent damage, while also looking downright unsightly.

It’ll only get worse as winter approaches, which is why it’s good to banish all that dirt and grime and wipe the slate clean for the winter season. Cleaning windows in the fall can also prevent cracking and damage from hard water commonly associated with things like summer sprinklers and hoses.



Besides getting rid of nasty dirt and grime buildup, not to mention falling leaves, there are cost-related benefits to cleaning windows as well. 

They include a little-known, yet obvious fact – cleaner windows allow more sunlight to penetrate your property, which can raise the temperature in colder months. This can have a directly positive effect on your heating bill.



A good window cleaning company knows the benefits of checking to make sure all windows are functioning properly. This includes checking for defects in the windows which can allow cold air, moisture and drafts to get inside the property and cause problems.

These can have a negative effect both on health, and cost-savings. A fall window cleaning is a perfect time for the cleaners to check your windows and make sure that nothing is amiss. It’s better to catch any problems before the winter season hits, which makes them much harder to rectify.



Another aspect of window cleaning that many property owners forget about involves eavestrough cleaning. True, it’s not part of the actual window per say, but Toronto Window Cleaners understands the importance of pulling double duty, and taking care of dirty gutters a few times each year. 

For that reason, we feel obliged to come out to your property and inspect all your eavestroughs to make sure that dirt, debris, leaves and other material have not built up over time. Leaving your eavestroughs unchecked can lead to them cracking, causing water to pour along the siding of the house, or near the foundation, which can cause a number of issues down the road. Never neglect your gutters, especially during the fall season when leaves are blowing about in the wind, and can easily accumulate and cause a water blockage. 



Fall window cleaning has many advantages, and it’s one of two times out of the Canadian year that most people should have them cleaned. Not only will it make your property look its best, but it will also contribute to greater cost-savings and health benefits as things get chillier.

To schedule a window cleaning appointment for your property, we invite you to contact us at Toronto Window Cleaners. We’ll come to your location and help you determine the best schedule to clean windows now, and in the future.